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Progressive Industries SSP-30 30A - Portable Surge Protector/ Polarity Tester


The Progressive Industries SSP-30 Smart Surge 120 Volt/30Amp RV Surge Protector is a state of the art RV Surge Protection System. It offers 3-mode, 825 joule protection with surge indicator denoting condition of surge protector. It comes with built in polarity tester to check the power source for proper wiring. Also standard is a surge status indicator with fuse protection. This Smart Surge is a portable, weather resistant RV Surge Protector that requires no installation.

Progressive Industries SSP-30 Features

30 Amp Surge Protector - Three Mode Surge Protection - Line to Neutral, Line to Ground and Neutral to Ground. Progressive Industries SSP-30 is rated for 120 Volts/30 Amps with 825 joules and 22,500 surge amp. It has less than one nano second response time. Here are the possible scenarios the surge protector cold encounter.

  • #1 Red light On & #2 Red light Off - Correct Wiring This is Safe for you and equipment
  • #1 Red light Off & #2 Red light On - Reverse Polarity This is Bad for sensitive equipment
  • #1 Red light On & #2 Red light On - Open Neutral This means No power
  • #1 Red light Off & #2 Red light Off - Open Ground This Could result in fatal shock
  • Green Surge Light on This means there is Good surge protection Green light off = Surge protection bad.

Progressive Industries SSP-30 Operating Instructions:

1.  Turn the source power off prior to plugging in the Smart Surge.  This will reduce the risk of arcing and electrical shock.
2.  Plug Smart Surge into source power prior to plugging in RV.
3.  Verify red indicator lights are lit to reflect source power is wired correctly as described above.
4.  Verify green surge indicator is lit.
5.  Plug RV into Smart Surge ONLY if the source power is wired correctly and surge light is illuminated.
Lifetime Warranty for this 30 Amp Surge Protector!
Your Price : $79.80
Item Number : 19-0448
Manufacturer : Progressive Industries
Manufacturer Part No : SSP-30