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B&W RVK3500 Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch

   Ever use your truck when you're not towing? True to B&W's original concept of designing hitches that allow truck owners to 'use' their truck when not towing, our engineers tackled the 5th Wheel RV Hitch design. Most conventional 5th Wheel Hitches use an 'in-the-bed' rail system for fastening the hitch to the truck, but these rails prove to be unwieldy. The Companion is actually an 'accessory' to the Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch and utilizes the Turnover Ball as the 'mounting system'. Therefore, just like the Turnover Ball, the only hole required in the truck is the 4" round hole, and users can easily remove the hitch from the bed.

   Companion Assembly: in ten minutes!The Companion comes in two boxes, one with the base and one with the coupler. To assemble the Companion, two upright arms are attached with 8 bolts, and one post is attached with two U-bolts. The Companion can be assembled in about 10 minutes. The mounting kit that the Companion uses is the TurnoverBall system. The underbed mounting system is truck specific and installs with no drilling, welding, or bed removal in about an hour. The Companion should not be mounted using any other mounting method.

   A ride you will thank us for.Aside from safety, probably the most important benefit a hitch can provide is a great ride. When our engineers were designing the Companion, a major emphasis was on providing the smoothest ride available. If you've ever pulled a 5th Wheel trailer with another hitch, you know how stopping and starting can nearly give you whiplash! That's because traditional latching systems don't match the kingpin tightly. Our hitch was engineered with locking jaws that perfectly fit the king-pin meaning that there are no sloppy starts and stops. In addition, the coupler of the Companion sits on arms that are coated with polyurethane bushings, this means that where other hitches give you metal on metal contact, the Companion gives you a cushioned, quiet ride. Finally, instead of just front-to-back cushion, the Companion features a built-in shock absorber that allows gentle side-to-side movement without the slamming. This is a ride you deserve to experience!

  • Redseigned to be 2 inches taller and with a better plate replacing the U bolts, now with just 1 draw down bolt
  • 20,000 GTW - 5,000 GVT
  • Easily convert from a hitch to a level bed
  • Requires no mounting rails to secure the hitch to the truck bed
  • Vibration dampening polyurethane bushings provide a quiet, rattle-free towing experience
  • Cam action latching handle offers effortless hook up and release, even under pressure
  • Full 1" wrap-around jaws fit kingpin perfectly, eliminating sloppy starts and stops.
  • Fully articulating head allowing front to back and side to side pivoting
  • Patented hydraulic dampener permitting a controlled 7 degree side to side tilt.
  • Three vertical adjustments from 16.25 inches to 18.25 inches
  • Three positions giving you four inches of horizontal adjustment
  • Rugged wide stance engineered for improved stability and strength
  • Powder coated for a nice looking, durable, long lasting finish
  • All components manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Requires the B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch To Operate
Your Price : $879.00
Item Number : N14-2924
Manufacturer : B&W
Manufacturer Part No : RVK3500
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