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Pacbrake Ecm Bypass Kit

In the event your engines' ECM has a delay in activating your Pacbrake exhaust brake, this kit may be the answer.  Pacbrake offers an ECM bypass System which will reduce the delay in activating the exhaust brake by over 50%.  This kit contains a micro switch that mounts on the accelerator pedal as well as all the components necessary to complete the installation.

Please keep in mind that when bypassing the engines ECM you can loose some features designed into the ECM by Dodge.  Later 2003 and newer Dodge Rams have a warm-up feature programmed into the ECM, which turns the exhaust brake off at idle when the water temperature is above 175 F.  This feature will be lost and is generally not a concern for vehicles in cooler temperatures.  Another feature that will be affected on manual transmission vehicles only is the Progressive Braking Feature.  The engines ECM has a Progressive Braking Feature, which means that when you have your vehicle cruise control on and you come to a hill and overshoot your cruise set speed, the Pacbrake exhaust brake will automatically apply and slow the vehicle to your preset cruise set speed.

Basic steps for operation of the cruise control with the ECM bypass installed:

     1. Pacbrake dash switch in the off position prior to setting the cruise set speed
     2. Set cruise control to desired speed
     3. If you require the Pacbrake simply turn the dash switch to the ON position.
     4. When you no longer need the Pacbrake, turn the Pacbrake switch to OFF and press cruise resume.

  • Works with standard or automatic transmissions.

Installation instructions here

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Item Number : C14033
Manufacturer : PacBrake
Manufacturer Part No : C14033
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