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Powerhouse Ph3100Ri Portable Inverter Generator

  Conventional generators produce a single square wave of AC power for every engine rotation. To create standard 60Hz and power equipment, the engine is required to run at a constant speed of 3,600 rpm. Load has no bearing on the engine speed; it is always at 3,600 rpm. Inverter generators produce a clean sine wave just like that power from your home outlets. Inverter generators produce hundreds of overlapping AC sine waves per engine rotation and as a result, more electrical power is produced from each engine rotation. The electronic processor in the inverter module "converts" three-phase, high-frequency AC power from the alternator into DC power, which is then changed by the inverter module to a clean and stable 120-volt, 60-hertz AC power signal. The technology programmed into the inverter allows it to control all functions of the generator for stable, consistent, clean power.

   This clean sine wave power allows the generator to be used with any and all computer and electronic based appliances in todays homes, businesses, construction sites and outdoor recreation. An added benefit is the ability of these generators to produce 120v 60Hz current at various engine speeds thus saving fuel running at slower speeds and low load conditions but with the power for full speed and output when needed.



  • Low noise, great for campground use
  • Inverter equipped for safe use with electronic equipment
  • Will operate most 13.5K RV air conditioners
  • Variable speed for fuel economy as power demands or constant speed for 100% full power
  • Powerful 6.8hp engine / 270cc
  • Remote electric start (75), key start and recoil starter
  • Continuous full load 7.3 Hours (Run time up to 17 hours at ü load)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2 Gallons
  • Compact and powerful in a stylish case
  • Wheels included (2 straight wheels w/brake and 2 swivel wheels for ease of transportation)
  • Emergency stop control -If generator overload occurs, engine reset button is available so you dont have to stop and restart the engine.
  • Parts and service available across North America
  • Completely assembled
  • One 5-20R 20amp duplex receptacle and one L5-30R 30amp twist lock receptacle
  • Internal circuit breaker
  • 12v external charging system
  • Fuel gauge
  • Hour meter
  • Padded handles
  • EPA CARB CSA compliant
  • Accessories Included: Oil Jug, 12 Volt Charge Cable, Spare Spark Plug and Wrench, Manual, Keys and Remote, Oil Drain Extansion
Your Price : $1,269.80
Item Number : N19-3391
Manufacturer : Powerhouse
Manufacturer Part No : 69273
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