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Valterra Ss01 Sewer Solution Pump

10' Extension Hose

Old Part Number F002

The Sewer Solution
is a simple, water-powered jet pump system with no moving parts. These Valterra RV products are designed to both dump your RV waste and to flush your waste system with clean water. The Sewer Solution RV waste pump and hose are completely self-cleaning! We all share the problem of sewage disposal when on the road. The hose is messy, the pipes are polluted and there is plenty to see and smell!! The Sewer Solution eliminates the hassles! You can dump sewage without getting your hands dirty or getting near exposed sewage. Simple and easy to use, these Valterra RV products are a great convenience for the traveling RV.

Pump delivery will vary with dump hose length, vertical rise and source water pressure. The low-pressure water source (15 psi minimum) found at dump stations works fine for short hoses (less than 10 feet) and no up hill pumping. These Valterra RV products are for pumping over a distance of at least a recommended 25 psi. Do not connect to potable water source without approved Backflow Preventer Valve. The Sewer Solution is not designed for continuous gravity draining of sewage (can drain gray water continuously). Remember that sewage is a hazardous material and it is up to each operator to handle sewage in a safe, legal and courteous manner.

The Sewer Solution System includes Sewer Solution RV waste pump unit, a 10' length of Dump Hose and the Full Hookup Adapter Kit. Everything you need to get started! Additional 10' Hose Kits are available to extend the range of your SewerSolution.

The Sewer Solution Jet Pump is molded from high strength clear Lexan polycarbonate plastic. The jet nozzle swivels to switch from the Dump to Flush mode.

The Sewer Solution needs a good hose to operate properly. Our reinforced vinyl hose will hold the important inside diameter necessary for good RV waste pump operation. This tough stuff is likely the last RV sewage hose you will ever buy! To insure a good fit to the SewerSolution and the Adapter Kit on the other end we perform both ends of the hose for easy installation. Included with each Hose Kit is a short piece of tubing that allows you to splice the hose to another piece of similar hose.

Our hose is not only clean and high quality, it's a bargain compared to the old 'stinky slinky' 3" hose. A 10' section of the 3" hose must be stretched out to get the full length. Our hose gives the full 10' with no hassle. Our hose will last much longer than the 3" hose.

Use a maximum of 30' of the 3/4" hose. If you need to pump longer distances (up to 100' over level ground) you can insert 1" PVC pipe (white pipe from the hardware store) into the system. This much cheaper and will pump out faster.


Your Price : $87.14
Item Number : N11-0121
Manufacturer : Sewer Solution
Manufacturer Part No : SS01
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