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Sidewinder Fifth Wheel Pin Box By Fifth Airborne - Up To 16K Gvrw

Fifth Airborne

   On a normal fifth wheel set-up, the trailer and the tow vehicle are connected at the Kingpin and hitch. This is also where the pivot point is located. The Sidewinder unit moves the pivot position from the Kingpin to the rotating turret under the nose of the trailer making hook up and disconnection possible at any angle. This also allows you to automatically and effortlessly turn up to 90-degrees and even jackknife the rig with no fear of contact between the truck cab and trailer. In addition, the steering wheel is more responsive, which is particularly beneficial when backing up. Moving the pivot point to the pin box mounting brackets gains 20 inches of increased clearance which leaves more space above the bed walls, freeing up extra room for your fuel tanks, toolboxes and other cargo in your pickup truck bed.

   Sidewinder Features:

  • Designed specifically for short bed pickups
    • Will not work on beds shorter than 6' long
  • Simply bolts on to the fifth wheel trailer pin box
  • Preassembled for quick and easy installation
  • Kingpin connects to standard fifth wheel trailer hitch in the truck bed
  • Pin box has built in friction sway control
  • Streamlined, aerodynamic design
  • Kingpin locking mechanism moves pivot position 20 inches rear of the coupler's attachment point
    • Make 90-degree turns without getting out of your truck or throwing a switch or pushing a button
    • No contact between truck cab and coach
    • Trailer tires track more closely to the track of the tow vehicle, reducing wide turns
    • Faster steering wheel response, especially useful when backing up
    • Full use of truck bed space for fuel tanks, toolboxes or cargo
    • Easy hookup at any angle
  • C-channel design gives more stability and strength than standard pin box design
    • Able to support heavier loads
  • Cleared rigorous testing on BOSCH automotive proving grounds
  • Capacity: 19,500 lbs; CSAapproved
  • Three year warranty

  The Sidewinder premium fifth wheel air-ride coupler was engineered and developed by long-time veterans of the towing industry. When put through grueling tests, the coupler, with its innovative forward pivot design, out-performed leading competitors. Test measurements were recorded in both the vertical (air-ride softening) and longitudinal (anti-chucking) directions. The documented results proved that the 5th Airborne was far superior in both orientations.

   Note: This unit may damage B&W companion hitches. Please do NOT use this unit if you pull with a B&W companion hitch as damage to the hitch may occur.

Note: This unit will NOT work with Curt Q5 Hitches!

Your Price : $999.80
Manufacturer : 5th Airborne

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