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Stainless Spring-loaded Turnbuckle & Hook - Single or Set of 4

Over the years, our competitors have all come to admit, through the supreme compliment of imitation, that Happijac quality and
performance simply can't be beat. That is why Happijac company has lead the industry for over 30 years, and more camper owners have trusted Happijac than all other turnbuckle manufacturers combined. 

  • All Stainless Steel 1.125 barrel provides superior strength and insures
    against rust and corrosion.
  • Chrome silicone linear compression spring will never rust or fatigue.
  • 3/4 steel hex plug insures a secure grip with your wrench when adjusting tension.
  • Double welded .125 stop washer supports the weight of your camper with over 5000 lbs. stress capacity.
  • 3/4 steel nut locks the turnbuckle at desired tension.
  • Nurled, crimped end plug prevents slip inside the barrel.
  • Solid steel round hook features an extra deep, no-slip loop maximizing the secure attachment between your truck and camper.
  • Short Length is 21"
  • Long Length is 32"
  • Includes Front and Rear Turnbuckles

Your Price : Starting at $49.81
Manufacturer : Happijac
Manufacturer Part No : 182898

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