3X Chemistry 125 Gloss Rust Suffocator - Quart

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3X Chemistry
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Rust Suffocator is a high-solids, single component paint that permanently stops corrosion. Formulated with UV Stabilizers, it provides added protection against wear. It bonds to bare or rusty metal to form a rock hard, non-porous finish that wont crack, chip, or peel. It works by isolating metal from oxygen and moisture to keep rust in a suspended state. Completely unaffected by road salt, gasoline, oils, battery acids, hydraulic fluids, solvents, chemicals, or corrosives. Top coat with 3X Rust Blocker for long-term UV resistance.
  • Permanently stops rust and corrosion
  • Can be sprayed or brushed
  • Reusable after opening
  • Highest percentage of solids