Hopkins 39494 Brake Buddy CLASSIC 3 Advanced Proportional Tow Braking System With Break-Away

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Item Description

TruFit™ Risers
Quickly and easily positions your braking system for ultimate braking performance

Proportional Braking
Braking mirrors the braking in the coach

Quick-Lock™ Clevis
Tightens securely, no matter the shape or size of your brake pedal

Easy-Pull™ Power Cord
Provides power and break-away connection to your braking system with a simple, one-cord connection

Exclusive AutoStart™
Automatically performs diagnostic system check and cycles the brake pedal, preventing flat-spotting of tires

Compact, Lightweight Design
Easy-access handle folds for easy carrying and storage

Legendary Service
A team of dedicated customer service representatives provide premium support before, during and after the sale

Confirmation in Motorhome
Provides instant alerts from braking unit

Towed Vehicle Battery Charger
Provided 15 Amp battery charger keeps the towed vehicle battery fully charged

Tow Safe and Legal
It’s not only where you live, it’s also where you are going. No matter the state or province, Brake Buddy® will keep you safe and legal wherever your travels take you