Atwood 91367 Ignition Control Circuit Board

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  Ignition Control Circuit Board; Use With Atwood Water Heater Models GCH6-4E/ GCH6-6E/ GCH6-7E/ GCH6A-7E/ GCH6A-8E/ GC6A-7E/ GH6-3E/ GH6-4E/ GH6-6E/ GH6-7E/ GH6-8E/ G6A-2E/ G6A-3E/ G6A-4E/ G6A-6E/ G6A-7E/ G6A-8E/ GCG6A-9E/ GC6AA-7E/ GC6AA-8E/ GC6AA-9E/ GCH10A-2E/ GCH10A-3E GC10A-2E/ GC10A-3E G10-1E/ G10-2E/ G10-3EG610-3E/ GC10-1E/ GC10-2E/ GH10-1E/ GH10-2E/ GH10-3E GH610-3E
NO Protective Cover
  • Provides Protection For Your Direct Spark Ignition Water Heater From Voltage Spikes And Shorts In The Electrical System
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty