Jack For Free Off-Air Digital Replacement Antenna

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With crystal clear reception of all VHF and UHF digital HDTV signals, the JACK antenna offers a much broader reception range than traditional RV antennas. Additionally, the JACK antenna provides greatly enhanced UHF reception where over 80% of the new digital channels are now broadcast. You get completely uncompressed high-definition TV signals for the absolute best picture quality available today.


Easily replace your existing Sensar antenna in just 5 minutes without any special tools. The JACK mounts to the existing antenna mast with 2 removable pins. The JACK is 70% smaller and requires no additional roof space for installation. The built-in signal amplifier works with your existing antenna power switch or can be used with the provided power supply if replacing a non-amplified antenna. An indicator light shows when the amplifier is powered.
70% smaller and provides better reception
  • Can be installed without hitting the AC or roof vent
  • Designed for new digital signals
  • Aerodynamic for less wind resistance
  • Amplified with included power supply
  • 5-minute retrofit to existing Sensar mount
  • Diagnostic light to indicate +12 volt power to antenna
  • Designed specifically for better UHF reception which carries over 80% of the new digital off-air channels.