JT's Elephant Pads and Shoes

Finally, A More Stable Jack Pad!

JTs Elephant Foot Front Fifth Wheel Jack Pad with Elephant Shoe

Rear Elephant Jack Pad with Elephant Shoe works with for scissor and telescoping jacks

“Things you will love about them...”

JTs Elephant Foot Jack Pads

• 10” diameter - 78 square inches of footprint
• Thick, tough, molded webbed composite
• Replaces the small metal pads on front electric landing gear
• Add-ons to either Scissor or Telescoping jacks
• Easy DIY installation

JTs Elephant Shoes

• Sturdy rubber construction
• Fit snugly over JTs Elephant Feet Jack Pads
• Hard-wearing shoes keeps RV from sliding on hard smooth surfaces

FREE set of Elephant Shoes with purchase of complete set of four JTs Elephant Feet Jack Pads
Standard equipment on most 5th wheel trailers provides only 30-35 square inches of contact with the ground. This inferior pad design decreases the stability of the coach as the small pads can bend and sink into soft surfaces and slide on hard, smooth surfaces. Until now!

Increase the Footprint, Increase Stability - JTs Elephant Foot Jack Pads replace the small metal landing pads on a 5th wheel trailer’s front electric landing gear, and are add-ons to either scissor or single arm telescoping / “C” type jacks on the rear of 5th wheels or for all jacks on travel trailers. Like the feet of their namesake, JTs large, stable feet are 10 inches in diameter and made of thick, rugged composite to withstand the harshest environments. The pads provide 78 square inches of support– over twice the footing of standard equipment, and a huge improvement in the stability of your coach.

Stability Made Simple - JTs Elephant Foot Jack Pads are simple to install, with Installation hardware and instructions included.

Eliminate the Skidding Problem - When a coach is parked on hard smooth surfaces such as asphalt and concrete, standard jack pads lack adequate traction, adding to the instability set of four JTs Elephant Foot Jack Pads includes our custom-molded JTs Elephant Shoes at no extra charge. These pliable shoes are made of durable rubber and molded to fit snuggly over our Elephant Foot jack pads. Our long-lasting shoes keep your coach from skidding, further enhancing stability!

JTs Elephant Foot Jack Pads provide the stability that standard equipment can’t. JTs Elephant Shoes provide added stability by preventing the pads from sliding on hard, smooth surfaces.