Reese / Draw Tite Sc Weight Distributing Hitch Kits

Reese / Tow Ready / Draw Tite
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A Reese Weight-Distributing and Sway Control System to provides a more level ride, greater steering and brake control. Reeses SC Weight-Distributing system combines a Weight-Distributing and a Sway Control into one easy to use system. Includes Adjustable Hitch Shank: #54970

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes Adjustable Hitch Shank and Assembly Hardware
  • Integrated Friction Sway Control with Automotive Friction Material as used on Vehicle Brakes
  • Sway Control Provides Consistent Control in Various Weather Conditions
  • Reese Style Serrated Washer System Allows for Easy Head Adjustment and Does not Require Head Removal for Washer Adjustment
  • Raised Hitch Ball Platform
  • Clamp on Brackets and Adjustable Pad Hangers Allow for Placement on Trailer Frames without Removing the Gas Bottles/Batteries
  • Life Handle Accessory Included to Reduce the Amount of Lifting Required by the Trailer Jack when Preloading the WD System
  • Tapered Spring Bars with Preassembled Trunnions Reduce Install Time
  • Tapered Bars Provide Superior Weight Distribution Performance over a Variety of Uneven Road and Weather Conditions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Ball Sold Separately