SuperGlide - Important Limitations

The SuperGlide hitch for short box trucks is optimally designed for trailers with a King Pin located even with, or ahead of the leading edge of the trailer (measured at the corners of the trailer).

There are many variables that can influence the ability to make a full 90° turn; including the trailer width, trailer profile, radius corners & truck cab profile. In many cases, even if the king pin is located under the trailer, behind the leading edge of the trailer, the SuperGlide may allow 90° turns - but NOT IN EVERY CASE.

If your trailer king pin is behind the trailers leading edge, we recommend you contact PullRites Customer Service Department with the following measurements; 

a) center of king pin to nose of trailer (see A in figure SG1 below)

b) trailer width

c) make and model of truck

Ford F-150 SuperCrew customers will also need to measure from back of the king pin extension to center of the king pin (see B in figure SG1 below).

The 2004-2005 F-150 truck has bed sides that are 2” higher than other trucks. This may cause bed to trailer clearance problems. PullRite suggests that you investigate these potential problems before installing the hitch.

We will help confirm the applicability of the SuperGlide for you - before you buy.