Superglide SuperRail Kit

Super Rail Mounting Kit For 14K, 16K, 18K And 20K Superglide - Vehicle Specific-2

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Totally removable base rails, removable heavy duty mounting posts, custom designed SuperBracket style mounting brackets and mounting hardware. Great with bed mats and liners. With these kits you can remove the mounting rails from your truck when the full bed is needed. These provide strong, safe and stable platforms for SuperGlide 5th wheel hitches.

If Noted:

1 - Except '07 New Body Style.
2 - Added Limitations on Trailers Over 98" Wide.
3 - New Body Style Only.
4 - No Drill.
5 - Except '02 1/2 Ton.
6 - Crew Cab Limitations on Trailers Over 90", KingCab may be ok up to 102".
7 - Universal Type Rails, with Custom Mounting Brackets.
8 - Added Limitations on Trailers Over 90" Wide.
9 - Added Limitations on Trailers Over 96" Wide.