TRC / Surgeguard 50 Amp Voltage Regulator - Low Power Booster

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TRC / Surgeguard
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Dont Worry About Low Park Power Again!

   Todays RVs contain advanced electronics including computers, TVs, satellite receivers, microwave ovens, air conditioners and other sophisticated appliances. Poor power quality entering an RV can not only effect the longevity of electronic equipment and motors, but can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and create frustrating, unnecessary travel delays.   The Surge Guard Voltage Regulator is intended for use with RVs to provide a reliable source of power when experiencing low RV park voltage. These innovative voltage  regulators automatically and continually monitor line voltage conditions and boost voltage to an acceptable level, when needed, helping prevent low voltage damage to  the RVs appliances and electronic devices.

   In addition, the Surge Guard Voltage Regulators are the first boosters that include intelligence with easy-to-read LED status and fault indication panels. These LEDs  how ground status line conditions as well as indicate the under/over voltage conditions of each output line. This product is designed to be fault tolerant so that it can not be damaged by an open neutral that results in high voltage on one of the incoming lines.

   In the Low Voltage (Boost) Mode the Surge Guard Voltage Regulator raises the output voltage by 10%over the incoming line voltage. In the Bypass (No Boost) Mode the unit becomes a bypass element and simply passes the input voltage directly to theoutput. In the bypass mode the unit exhibits minimal insertion loss. On the 50A  power source, using our Model 10175, each line voltage control circuit operates independently so that an increase only occurs on the required line.
   Using the Surge Guard Voltage Regulator in conjunction with a Surge Guard��® RV power protection product provides the ultimate combination of low voltage and Surge Guard protection. The Surge Guard must be plugged in after or down stream of the Surge Guard Voltage Regulator. A variety of Surge Guard products protect your RV from: High/LowVoltage, Open Neutral, Miswired Pedestals, and Surges
  • Boosts as low as 95Volts
  • 10%voltage increase
  • Provides a reliable source of power
  • Helps prevent low voltage damage to appliances
  • Easy-to-read LED Status and Fault Indication Panel
  • Fully automatic Continuouslymonitors line voltage conditions
  • True bypassmode input voltage is equal to output voltage
  • Increases voltage to an acceptable level
  • Rain-tight enclosure
  • Mounting feet so unit does not sit in water
  • Optionalmounting bracket for inside the RV
  • For use on single phase, 3-wire service
  • Can be used on a 120/208V, 3-wire network
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.25L x 10.25Wx 5H
  • Cord Length: 4-5 Feet
  • Mounting Feet Height: 2.5
  • (Optional) Mounting Plate Height: 0.75