TRC / Surgeguard TRC / Surgeguard Corp 40350Rvc1 Power Transfer Switch

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TRC / Surgeguard
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Power quality in RV parks is affected by electrical loads, weather conditions, faulty wiring, undersized, deteriorating or mis-wired electrical connections. Due to the increased sophistication of high-end motorized coaches, the additional monitoring and diagnostic features plus the benefits of a Surge Guard transfer switch are a plus for some RV owners.

: Automatic
Function: Transfer Power Between Shore And RV Generator
Voltage: 120/ 240 Volt
Ampere Rating: 50 Amp
Terminal Type: Screw
Length (IN): 5.21 Inch
Width (IN): 8.84 Inch
Height (IN): 12-3/4 Inch
Color: Black
  • RVC Communication Allows Instant Display Of Voltage, Current And Fault Conditions On An RVC Compatible Device
  • Provides The Following Protection: Multi-Mode Surge Suppression (Fuse Protected), Mis-Wired Pedestal, Open Neutral, Open Ground, Reverse Polarity, High And Low Frequency
  • Optional 2-Line Plain English Display With Continuous Visual Indication Of Source Voltage, Load Current Or Diagnostics
  • Lights On Front Of ATS Indicate The Presence Of Input Power For L1 And L2
  • Transfers To Generator Power