Demco 9523047 Taillight Wiring Kit Self Contained Bulb And Socket

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Use this kit to eliminate the need for connecting to the vehicle's wiring harness. By adding new tail lights to your vehicle there is no worry of voiding the vehicle's warranty. This kit contains 2 tail light bulbs with sockets, wiring harness and wire splicers.
  • Self contained wiring kit is designed to by-pass your towed vehicles’ proprietary wiring system
  • Eliminates the need to tap into the towed vehicle’s electrical system
  • Wiring is routed underneath the towed vehicle to a front mounted socket at the front of the car
  • Kit includes: Bulbs and sockets, 26’ 4-conductor 16ga wire, Butt Connectors, Ring Terminals, Nylon Ties and Wiring Instructions
NOTE: The towed vehicle's taillight must have room for an extra socket and bulb inside the lens housing.