Tst 507Rv 6 Sensor Tire Monitor System With Non Flow Thru Sensors

Flow Thru and Non Flow Thru Models Avaialable
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  • The TST 507RV Tire Monitor System, sister system to the 510RV system, comes complete with USER REPLACEABLE BATTERIES.
  • This tire air pressure sensor system includes 6 non flow thrru sensors, extra sensors are available, up to 22 total.
  • This system continues to report PSI and tire temperature in real time, while continuing to offer the user the continued ability to custom program up to 6 differing PSI settings.
  • The TST 507RV Tire Monitor System, as with the 510RV system, is accurate within 1.5 +/- PSI and our systems are accurate within +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit of the actual air temperature within your tires.
  • Two Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • The TST 507RV Tire Monitor System comes packaged with a nice dashboard mounting bracket AND a suction cup bracket for easy windshield mounting.
  • The monitor for the TST 507RV Tire Monitor System has been redesigned to offer a more ergonomically friendly design, while continuing to offer the same streaming tire data that has driven TST to the top of the TPMS industry.
  • This tire air pressure sensor kit will monitor up to 22 different tires with axle specific PSI settings.
  • The new TST 507RV tire air pressure sensor kit was designed by RVers for RVers with safety and ease of operation at the forefront of our design intent.
  • The new technology allows the user the ability to assign sensors to their perspective tire positions by literally touching a button.
  • You can disengage the trailer, tow vehicle, or fifth wheel and monitor the truck or RV only while the trailer is parked with a simple touch of a button!
  • With either the dashboard mounting bracket OR the suction cup bracket, you have a bounty of mounting options which afford the user a variety of mounting options and positions to fit in every cab or driver area without cluttering the dashboard.
  • The system can be hardwired, plugged into any cigarette lighter outlet, or it will run from 5-7 days on approximately 1.5 hours charge, freeing up your power outlets for other accessory items.
  • Ultra light sensor design eliminates the need for metal valve stems, as these sensors only weigh 12.5 grams, yet they are still able to be fully immersed in water, and they monitor PSI from 1-195 PSI.
  • The sensors are powered by a CR1632 battery, and this battery can be purchased from us or at any Radio Shack, Batteries Plus, etc. These batteries are available anywhere and they will last for 12 months based upon full time use.
  • Without flow thru sensors. This tire air pressure sensor system can also be used with the flow thru sensors (sold separately to avoid removing them when airing up your tires. The sensors are interchangeable.
  • Screen Size is 1.5" by 2.5"