Type 1 Qcc Connector 1-5/16 Inch Female Acme X 1/4 Inch Mnpt

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Marshall Excelsior
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1 5/16" Female Acme Inlet. 100 SCFH Air/200,000 BTUH Flow Capacity connector.

The Type 1 (QCC) Connector is designed with a built in excess flow feature and a positive shutoff that will not allow gas to flow until the connector is fully engaged. In case of a fire the built-in thermal protection on the QCC connector melts allowing the nipple to disengage from the tank connection and stop the flow of propane. This QCC connector also provides a positive back check seal at disconnect to eliminate the propane in the hose from being released into the atmosphere.

NOTE: The Type 1 (QCC) thread replaces the POL connection on 40 pound or less DOT propane cylinders.

WARNING: An excess flow valve will not activate if there is a break or leak downstream of the valve that does not equal or exceed the closing flow of the valve or if the excess flow valve installed exceeds the flow capacity of the system.