Valterra V23625 Sniff N Stop Deterrent Granules Pest Repellent 16 Ounce Bottle

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 Coarse granules that are great for outdoor use to deter pests. Sprinkle around RV tires or picnic bench legs to keep ants and other pests from invading. Sniff ‘N’ Stop® is made up of essential oils that are encapsulated, amplified and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer. The negatively charged molecules are drawn to positively charged "pests" like a magnet. Confused, the pests release pheromones to warn others of their same species to STAY AWAY.

Used ForRepel Ants/ Insects/ Mosquitos And Rodents
TypeGranules With All Natural Essential Oils
Unit Size16 Ounce
Unit TypeBottle

Great For Outdoor Use
Made Up Of Essential Oils That Are Encapsulated, Amplified And Time-Released From Inside A Negatively Charged Polymer
Safe For Pets And Family
Highly Effective
Long Lasting Protection
Deters 98 Percent Of Pests