LP and Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors

Safety Tip!

Keep your detectors in peak working condition- Change batteries regularly. Next time you change your batteries, check the back of the unit for a date stamp. If the unit was manufactured prior to July, 2003, it is time to have it replaced with a  newer model featuring the latest innovations.

Think T.R.I.P.

Test and inspect CO, LPG, and smoke alarms when your RV is taken out of storage.
Replace all CO and LPG alarms over five years old and smoke detectors over 10 years old.
Install only UL-RV listed alarms when you replace or add alarms to your RV.
Prevent accidents by teaching family and friends about the operation of alarms. NEVER ignore a sounding alarm.
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RV Safe Rv Propane Gas Alarm 2-wire Black
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