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   With its inverter generator line, POWERHOUSE generator parts and products combine quality, performance, and great features for an unbeatable value. Many POWERHOUSE generators have standard features that are only available as options on most other leading generator brands. Most models have a remote start giving you the convenience of starting your generator from up to 75 feet away, wheels and pull handles making transport easy, and a powerful 4-stroke engine for maximum power output. All models of POWERHOUSE generators include a fuel economy switch to extend run time and a low oil shutdown to protect the engine.
   POWERHOUSE inverter generators provide clean, quiet portable power; perfect for the campground yet powerful enough for the job site. Inverter generators deliver stable, pure sine wave AC output, reliable enough to power even the most sensitive electronic equipment. A high-efficiency combustion system produces exceptionally low emissions making POWERHOUSE generators environmentally friendly.
   With four models to choose from, there’s a Powerhouse generator right for you. Choose from four models and additional POWERHOUSE generator parts to fit your power needs. The PH1000i is the basic model with a recoil start and easy to carry lightweight body. The PH2100PRi and the PH2700PRi feature a remote start and are parallel ready making it easy to boost your power output. The PH3100Ri also features a remote start and is powerful enough to operate a 13.5k BTU RV air conditioner. Powerhouse® generators are designed for portability. All models have either a carry handle or a pull handle, while some even come with wheels. All models include the following features:

  • Variable speed for fuel economy as power demands, or constant speed for 100% full power
  • Engine reset button means no restart of engine needed if unit overloads
  • Automatic low oil shutdown to protect the engine from damage
  • Emergency stop control doesn’t require the keys to be in the generator to shut it down
  • Two-year consumer/one-year commercial warranty  :

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Powerhouse 69509 Generator Exhaust Muffler
Item Number: N48-2188
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Powerhouse Ph2100Pri Inverter Generator
Item Number: PH2100PRi
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Powerhouse Ph6500Ri Inverter Generator - Free Shipping
Item Number: PH6500RI
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