RV Surge & Voltage Protectors


RV Surge Protectors

   Power surges can really wreak  havoc with your RV. We stock RV Surge Protectors from Progressive Industries and SurgeGuard, the 2 biggest names in the business. From budget priced models that are designed to stop surges dead in their tracks and monitor the campgrounds power pedestal wiring, to the higher end models that are designed to shut power off to you RV in an over or under voltage situation, we have the unit that is right for you at the right price! Shop now for your energy management solutions.

Progressive Industries Surge and Voltage Protectors
Portable and hard wired surge proectors and electrical management systems. Progressive Industries knows RV's.
SurgeGuard Surge and Voltage Protectors
TRC's Surge Guard family of power protection devices are designed to protect your RV's electrical system and sophisticated electronics from the dangers of faulty electrical power.
Surge Strips/ Voltage Spike Protectors
You will find surge/ power strips here.