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   RV News -
Xtreme Publishing Group launches RV Xtreme Magazine for the new generation of North American recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

   Xtreme Publishing Group is proud to announce the 2007 launch of a new monthly magazine and companion website geared toward the new generation of North American recreational vehicle enthusiasts. This new title will be RV Xtreme Magazine.

   The RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) has recently reported that RV ownership is up 8 percent in 2005, with more than eight million United States households currently owning an RV. At the heart of this rapid expansion is the baby boomer generation as they move into the prime demographic for RV ownership and outdoor travel activities.

"Today's RV buyer is busy, active and affluent, with media and technology savvy," stated RV Xtreme publisher, Mike Klinger. "They work hard and make the absolute most of their leisure time. We are looking forward to delivering the style of magazine that appeals to this new generation as they embrace RVs as a key part of their families' sports, leisure, hobbies, and travel."

"RV Xtreme will showcase detailed reviews of cutting-edge new model RVs each month, from every category," added Managing Editor Jeff Dusing. "We're going to look at what's hot in the big rig setups, the dream Class A motor coaches, and the latest updates in RV diesel engine and chassis technologies. We'll also focus on the smaller, more versatile Class B and Class C motorhome, plus the new generation in mega fifth wheels and toy haulers for all occasions. And of course we can't forget the convenient travel trailers for the entire family, or the affordable pop-ups and pickup campers...we'll show it all."

The January 2007 premiere issue of RV Xtreme will reach national newsstands on December 1. Readers will be able to purchase copies at RV dealers, accessory stores, and at RV parks and campgrounds nationwide. Subscriptions can also be purchased online at www.RVXtreme.com.

Xtreme Publishing Group, Inc. is a California-based publisher with over 30 years of magazine experience. RV Xtreme will be the first in a group of expanding powersports titles to come from XPG Inc.