Curt 16017 OEM Ford Puck System 5th Wheel Legs For Most CURT Hitch Heads

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CURT has developed Ford-compatible OEM 5th wheel legs that are made to fit specific models of Ford trucks that have the included towing prep package. The legs mount directly onto the existing under-bed platform or mounting locations and allow any CURT 5th wheel hitch head to easily mount into your truck bed. With a gross trailer weight capacity of 24,000 lbs., they are compatible with the CURT Q16, Q20, Q24 and E16 hitch heads.

The most unique feature of CURT's OEM-compatible 5th wheel legs is the special anchoring system that allows for quick installation while still supplying the necessary strength for heavy-duty towing. The variable-position anchors allow the 5th wheel hitch head to easily drop into the under-bed mounting brackets, and with a quarter-turn, the head can be installed or removed as needed. The anchors can also be adjusted to limit the movement of the hitch head and eliminate chucking noises.

To give you confidence in every job you undertake with your Ford pickup, we give our OEM-compatible 5th wheel hitch legs a durable finish of black carbide powder coat, making them extremely resilient to scratching, rusting and UV damage. We also back our 5th wheel legs with a limited lifetime warranty to put your mind at ease with every new mile.

  • Adapts most CURT 5th wheel hitch head to fit Ford OEM under-bed hitch platform
  • Quarter-turn anchoring system provides quick installation and removal
  • Adjustable anchors to eliminate chucking between the legs and under-bed rails
  • Protected by a highly durable carbide powder coat finish
  • Co-cured in a rust-resistant liquid Aquence coating
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA


  • Compatible with CURT 5th wheel heads #16545, #16530, #16520 or #16515

Fifth Wheel Hitch Not Included, this is the adapter only.