Curt 51189 Echo Brake Controller Manual Override Button

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This Bluetooth button for the Echo® mobile brake controller #51180 is designed to enable hands-free driving. Whether local laws prevent you from using the Echo® phone app or you simply prefer a manual touch, this button allows you to activate the trailer brakes with the press of a button whenever necessary.

This manual override button functions in tandem with the Echo® brake controller and your smartphone. With the button synced using Bluetooth, the Echo® continues to operate the trailer brakes normally, as it does with the Smart Control app. However, instead of using the app interface to manually active the trailer brakes for whatever purpose, this button provides a phone-free experience (Echo® still uses your phone and the app to operate; app must be running for button to operate).

The Echo® manual override button is compatible with Echo® and other Flic applications (powered by Flic programmable Bluetooth button). It provides a long-range Bluetooth connection, while maintaining a very low profile on your dash. The overall diameter is only 1-1/8". It comes with a double-sided adhesive pad for a stick-on installation, and a replaceable CR2016 battery.

  • Enables manual activation of trailer brakes, using Echo and phone app
  • App must be running for button to operate
  • Wireless accessory supports hands-free driving
  • Compatible with Echo and programmable for other Flic applications
  • Long-range Bluetooth maintains a strong connection
  • Includes double-sided adhesive pad for easy mounting on the dash
  • Soft-touch material for comfortable use
  • Replaceable battery with lifespan up to three years
  • Small-footprint, 1-1/8" diameter


  • Echo can be used with app alone; button not essential for operation
  • Includes CR2016 battery
  • One-year warranty