Dicor Corp CS200KIT Seal-tite Corner Seal Kit 2"

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Roof Repair Kit; Seal-Tite ™; Use To Seal Exposed Union Of RV Walls And Ceilings; With Two 2 Inch Width x 50 Foot Rolls Corner Seal Tapes/ 6 Tubes Of Joint Filling Sealant/ 1 Cap Sealant/ 1 Putty Knife/ 1 Spray Bottle

The Seal-Tite™ Corner Seal Kit is designed to provide you with everything you need to seal RV walls and ceilings and contains enough tape for 100 Linear Feet. The Corner Seal tape provides a durable, flexible, virtually impermeable seal between the exposed union of walls and ceilings. The high-tack adhesive side contains a flexible elastomer that creates a strong flexible bond, while the fleece side allows for easy repositioning during installation. The Seal-Tite™ Corner Seal Kit includes two rolls of Corner Seal Tape, six tubes of Products Clear Cap Sealant to serve as a conventional putty and cap sealant, a putty knife to remove excess sealant, and a spray bottle for the cleanup process.
Used ForSeal Exposed Union Of RV Walls And Ceilings
With TapeYes
With BrushYes


  • Designed To Provide You With Everything You Need To Seal RV Walls And Ceilings
  • Provides A Durable, Flexible, Virtually Impermeable Seal Between The Exposed Union Of Walls And Ceilings
  • Seal Kit Includes 2 Rolls Of Corner Seal Tape, 6 Tubes Of Clear Cap Sealant To Serve As Conventional Putty, Cap Sealant Putty Knife To Remove Excess Sealant And A Spray Bottle For The Cleanup Process
  • The High Tack Adhesive Side Contains Flexible Elastomer That Create A Strong Flexible Bond, While The Fleece Side Allows For Easy Repositioning During Installation
  • No Supplier Warranty