Flip-Over Ball For Your Semi-Tractor - 30 Or 45K

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Flip-Over Ball Gooseneck Hitches For Your Semi-Tractor - Two Models to chose from:
Mounts behind the fifth-wheel on Class 6, 7 & 8  trucks with standard 34" wide frame.  Requires 10" on top of the frame and 4" down each side.  Mounts with three 3/4" bolts on each side.
Fabricated from 1/2 high-grade steel, bolts to the frame of Class 6, 7 & 8  trucks. Complete with 2 5/16 ball and mounting hardware.  The 45,000 lb unit comes with a Stainless Steel 2 5/16" ball.  Also available with 3 ball
The ball is locked in the one-piece machined steel socket with a spring loaded stainless steel pin. Simply rotate the handle to retract the pin, pull the ball out and store it inverted and out of the way in the socket giving full access to the fifth-wheel.                                                     

How it Work
The Flip-Over Ball is locked in the one-piece ball socket with a spring loaded stainless steel pin. To invert the ball, just reach into the driver side rear wheel well and rotate the actuating rod 90 degrees. This cams the retaining pin to the open position. Invert the ball, and rotate the actuating rod back to its original locked position. That's all there is to it.

The Flip-Over Ball is not only easy - it's hassle-free. The ball socket is machined from a solid piece of high-grade steel to insure strength and years of service. The retaining pin is machined from stainless steel so it will not rust and seize. The pin is held securely in the locked position by a strong stainless steel spring. When the actuating rod is rotated 90 degrees a cam retracts the retaining pin to its open position so the ball can be inverted. When the actuating rod is returned to its locked position -  the retaining pin securely locks the ball in its socket. extending ball and coupler life

The 45,000 rated hitch is furnished with an extra strong Stainless Steel Ball