HM Stainless Steel: 22" Inner Duals wheels, 2-pk

Wheel Masters Hm Stainless Steel: 22" Inner Duals Wheels, 2-Pk

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Wheel Masters
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Gain easy access to dual tires! No more crawling under your vehicle! Easy to install, the hoses attach to your existing valve stem, no need to remove your valve core. Inflate and equalize your tires in seconds! Improve your mileage and increase the life of your tires by checking and inflating your dual tires properly. Available in a high quality two ply rubber tubing, reinforced with nylon braiding, or a stainless steel braided hose, for added protection. Two hose kits available for outer and inner tires. Rear dual tires, sold as a four hose kit. Each kit comes complete with hoses, retaining nuts, valve caps and mounting brackets.