Reese 63201 J-Pin Anti-Rattle Pin And Barrel Lockset For 2" Receivers

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Reese / Tow Ready / Draw Tite
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More than just a hitch pin, J-Pin® quickly and confidently secures ball mounts and other hitch-mounted accessories, eliminating the sway and rattle caused by part clearance issues.
J-Pin® ready receiver design allows for the most confident and secure hookup in today’s towing market by compressing the hitch-mounted accessory against the inner side wall of the hitch receiver tube. Once attached, the hitch and towing components seem virtually welded together. 
Packaged complete with its integral ball mount lock, J-Pin® makes your towing system complete.
  • For 2” receivers only
  • Ideal for bike racks and hitch-mounted cargo carriers
  • Attachment wrench included
  • Attractive point-of-purchase packaging
  • Requires hitch with additional 17/32” hole in receiver tube
  • Convenient 1/4” turn key for ease of use

Step 1: Insert J-Pin STEP 1:
Insert J-Pin® through large hole in receiver hitch
Step 2: Tighten Nut on J-Pin Shaft STEP 2:
Tighten nut on J-Pin® shaft, compressing ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory against receiver tube
Step 3: Secure Ball Mount with Locking Head STEP 3:
Secure ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory with locking head