Jt'S Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers - For Fifth Wheels Short Style

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NOTE: This Product is for fifth wheels whose landing gears are less than 59" apart

Things you'll love about JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer

  • Bolt-on DIY Installation
  • One-time permanent installation
  • Nothing to tear down or stow away
  • Easy to set-up: telescopes into place when jacks are lowered, all you do is tighten the "T-Handles"!

Are You Ready for a Rock-Steady RV?

Everyone who owns a 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer knows that some side-to-side or front-to-back movement is expected; annoying, frustrating, unwantedbut expected.  That is until now

Introducing JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer

The accepted industry norm is that 5th Wheel or Travel Trailers sway with side-to-side movement even when parked, chocked and leveled. This is due to play in the springs and shackles that mount the suspension to the frame along with play in the tires.

The factory installed electric, scissor and telescoping jacks do not stabilize an RV's chassis. The industry has addressed this problem with aftermarket tripods or pin stabilizers for fifth wheels and chocks for tires. However, these items are manufactured with an industry-accepted tolerance of movement and play, and do not solve the suspension movement problem.

Stop Unwanted Chassis Movement With the Power of Triangulation

JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer eliminates the inherent chassis movement problem found in travel trailers and fifth wheels and eliminates the need for ineffective tripods or pin stabilizers. Much like the Panhard Bar used to stabilize race car chassis, the Strong Arm uses the power of triangulation.

One end of the Strong Arm easily attaches to a leveling jack and the other end to the RV frame. When parked, the Strong Arm telescopes into place as the jacks are lowered and the RV is leveled.

An easy twist of the Strong Arm's handle locks it in place, virtually eliminating ALL side-to-side and front-to-back movement. The Strong Arm stabilizes the RV's chassis just like the stabilization used in a race car.

Easy Installation on All Types of Jacks

The universality and versatility of JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer is remarkable. Using a unique system of brackets, the Strong Arm attaches to any of the three main types of jacks found on RVs: scissor, electric and telescoping.

By using the proper clevis and swing bolt, JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer attaches to and stabilizes any of these jack systems.

Make Your RV Rock-Steady

No one wants a home that shakes, wiggles and waggles, especially a "home away from home", your RV. JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer virtually eliminates all unwanted movement using race car suspension technology and the power of triangulation. Make your RV rock-steady with JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer! Order your system today!