Kleinn HK4-1 ProBlaster Dual Tone 4 Round Trumpet Air Horn Package-Black

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 Quad air horn with four tuned trumpets. 13″, 11″, 8.5″, and 7″, black XCR2.0 Stealth finish. More trumpets mean a more full blended tone. The horns are compact enough to fit in almost any vehicle, but they pack a punch that will make your head spin. The kit includes a 130 PSI compressor with a 1 gallon air tank to power the horns.
  • Quad air horn w/ solenoid
  • 130 PSI air compressor
  • 1 gallon air tank
  • Pressure switch, Drain valve, safety valve and outlet air fitting
  • 12 ft high pressure nylon air tubing & button
  • Wiring/installation Kit