Kleinn HK8 ProBlaster Dual Tone 3 Trumpet Chrome Train Horn Package

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 The flat rack design and detachable chrome trumpets (17.5″, 15.5″, 11.5″) allow for numerous great installation options. The kit includes a BlastMaster valve upgrade kit that pushes the sound so an insane 157 dB! The kit includes a 150 psi, 100% duty compressor and a 3 gallon tank that can power your air horns as well as other accessories like air bags and small air tools.
  • Triple train horn
  • (3) 12 volt electronic solenoids
  • 150 PSI air compressor
  • 3 gallon air tank
  • Pressure switch, Drain valve, safety valve & outlet air fitting<
  • 12 ft high pressure nylon air tubing & Horn Button
  • 35′ tire inflation coil hose
  • Wiring/Installation Kit