Lippert 2020107499 Tire Linc Always-on Audio Alert Notification Indicator

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The Tire Linc® Alert Indicator by Lippert™ is one more way you can stay safe during your RV travels. Add it to the Lippert™ Tire Linc Tire Pressure and Temperature Management System (TPMS) to receive visual and audio cues without your OneControl® app being turned on. The Alert Indicator retrieves data from your Tire Linc’s repeater to keep you in the know on the road.
How It Works:
The Alert Indicator provides various audio and visual notifications to indicate a tire event.

  • A green signal indicates your tires are within proper pressure and temperature limits
  • A yellow signal indicates the Alert Indicator is out of range of the repeater and it can’t detect your tire status
  • A red signal indicates a tire event has occurred. The indicator will also beep for 10 seconds when an issue is indicated for the first time. Your OneControl app must then be used to determine what issue has been discovered.
  • A continually blinking red light indicates the tire issue has not been corrected
  • CONSTANT PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE MONITORING — The Tire Linc® Alert Indicator provides visual and audio cues to keep you in the know of your RV or tow vehicle’s tire pressure and temperature.
  • NO APP REQUIRED — With the Tire Linc Alert Indicator, you don’t have to turn on your OneControl® app to receive notifications of a tire event.
  • ADDED SAFETY — By pairing the Alert Indicator with your Tire Linc system, you have one more layer of safety and peace of mind, knowing you’re always up to date on the status of your tires.
  • RELIABILITY — Backed by a name RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts know and trust.