Lippert Replacement Solera ® Regal Idler Head Front Cover Black

Solera Regal Idler Head Front Cover for Solera Awnings Black
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The replacement Solera RV Awning Plain Idler Head Front Cover is durable and easy to install. It's made from sturdy plastic to protect the idler head assembly from outside elements and debris. The Plain Drive Head Front Cover is universal for all Solera Plain Power and Manual Idler Head assemblies including short, flat and pitched. The replacement Plain Idler Head Front Cover comes with a one-year warranty and requires no assembly.

  • Made From Sturdy Plastic To Protect Idler Head From The Elements
  • Universal For All Solera Plain Power And Manual Head Assemblies Including Short, Flat And Pitched
  • Requires No Assembly
  • Durable And Easy To Install
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty