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Rodents are the most abundant mammals in the world. Mice have an amazing ability to climb straight up walls, or jump 12 inches high, and can easily fit through holes the width of a thimble. They often take up shelter in homes, sheds and RVs. Instinct demands they constantly chew and gnaw on material to build their nests. Damage to personal property is in the millions. It is widely known that they can carry and transmit deadly diseases to humans. They often serve as a transportation source for fleas and ticks. They are a real threat to public health.
The Facts:
Trailers and motorhomes sit unattended for long periods when not in use. They become inviting targets for mice, squirrels and insects to take over and claim as their own. Rodents work their way in through holes made to accommodate water, sewer, propane pipes and power lines underneath the motorhome.Among the top five RV insurance claims are damage caused by rodent infestations. The mice chew through electrical wires, rubber and plastic hoses, completely disabling the motorhome. Mice can carry disease. Hantavirus, a particularly dangerous disease carried by deer mice, can be breathed in while cleaning up mouse droppings.
The Invention:
Mouse Free was a product born out of necessity. It was the fall of 2005, the nights were becoming cooler, and change was in the air! Yes, the onset of winter brought about an insurgence of mice trying to find shelter. An unsuspecting RV owner was blindsided by the ability of mice to find their way into his fifth wheel. In a panic since his wife was absolutely scared to death of mice, he nearly emptied the shelves of the local hardware store. Then, setting his traps all around the inside of the unit and near the wheels on the outside he figured he was protected. Well, he found out the traps worked, but still had a huge mess to cleanup inside. By the time the mice made it to the traps, they had already left behind their unmistakable signature again. Angered while he was cleaning and disinfecting, he thought to himself there must be a better way, a way to prevent the mice from entering! Returning to the hardware store he purchased cans of spray foam and steel wool. I'm going to keep them out, if it is the last thing I ever do! he muttered to himself. While lying on the cold asphalt, starring up at the undercarriage, can of spray foam in hand, he thought how am I ever going to find out where in the world are they getting in? Feeling frustrated, knowing that even if he finds where they are entering, the mice will just chew and gnaw, day and night until they make it inside again. There must be a better way!

He thought if only a product could protect the entire undercarriage, by repelling mice well the light bulb went off! Utilizing his 20 years of experience in the automotive coatings and lubrication industry, he set off to end his mouse problems. After four years of research and development with his team of experts, Mouse Free was born.

The Mouse Free product has the unique ability to repel mice. It contains a high concentration of menthol; it smells nice to humans, but rodents find the smell very offensive and leave the area immediately. Secondly, the product acts as an undercarriage lubricant for moving parts. Better yet, the lubrication qualities in the Mouse Free product create a thin protective coating that rodents and even insects cannot travel across. The process and composition are now protected under US patent pending #12/830,368, and Canada and International patent pending #2,707,664.
Mouse Free is Safe:
Mouse Free is totally non-toxic and safe! The scent repelling properties within the formula are derived from 100% natural essential oils. These same essential oils are commonly used for relaxation during aromatherapy treatments!

*Mouse Free is safe when used as directed. It is not implied that the product can be used for aromatherapy, nor should it be used for any other purpose except what is found in the directions.
SPECIAL NOTE: The MOUSE FREE product works very well at preventing mice from entering your RV. It is not designed to get rid of existing mice. 'Bait and Trap' methods must be used to reduce any existing population of mice. We recommend immediate action when evidence of rodents are found. They can multiply very quickly, and damage to your RV may result.
Mouse Free is effective for all seasons. It will last for two years if the RV is parked or one year if the RV is driven. Agricultural equipment and some vehicles have a more extreme environment and may require more frequent reapplications

5 Gallon Coverage (5GPAL) - Coat & Protect approximately three 40' RVs