PopUp By Youngs Sb216 - Extended 16 Inch Offset Gooseneck Coupler For 4 1/2 Inch Id Square Tube

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An Extra 16 Inches Right Where You Need It.

Everyone who tows a gooseneck needs more clearance between the truck and trailer. You either need more trailer swing for maneuvering, or you need more room at the tailgate for hooking up. PopUp gives you a simple solution to this predicament.

These short bed extended couplers add nine inches more clearance between the truck cab and the trailer nose, and between the truck tailgate and the trailer bulkhead. They fit standard gooseneck receiver tubes. The GN8 2-5/16” V-19 28,000 pound rated coupler latches when lowered onto the ball, and releases remotely.

You really need this extra clearance for towing a full-nose gooseneck with a short bed pickup. The extra trailer swing is a cab and rear window saver.

SB1 - 4” Round Coupler 9” Offset
SB2 - 4-1/2” Square Coupler 9” Offset
SB116 - 4-1/2” Round Coupler 16” Offset
SB21 - 4-1/2” Square Coupler 16” Offset
SB3 - 4” Square Coupler 9” Offset
SB316 - 4” Square Coupler 16” Offset

Sixteen Inch offset between truck and trailer.
More trailer swing.
Easier hook-up.
Fits standard trailer coupler tubes.
Self-latching GN8 2-5/16" coupler.
Precision coupler casting extends life of ball.
24,000 lbs. Gross Trailer Weight.
Extra heavy wall tube for maximum strength.
Includes coupler release cable and hardware.
100% complete.

  DO NOT use 16″ models on 3-car wedge type trailers MUST Use HD