Blue Ox BXW0756 Weight Distribution Hitch

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SwayPro™'s innovative and unique features combine everything you are looking for in a weight distribution hitch with built-in sway control. The revolutionary Signature Series rotating latches safely and securely tighten the spring bar chains, controlling sway at the source. The SwayPro™ hitch head is chocked full of features you'll appreciate with the convenient grease zerks - no more messy spring bars or washers to adjust! Self-locking spring bars eliminate the need for pins and clips. All those features in one hitch, along with the ability to back up without disconnecting are what make SwayPro™ the most user friendly hitch on the market.

The SwayPro™ is a revolutionary hitch that not only handles weight distribution but sway prevention as well by using the combination of loaded spring bars, easy to use rotating latches and an integrated hitch head. As the trailer tries to sway it puts a heavier load on one side of the bars, as this happens the spring bars will pivot on the hitch head and balance each other preventing the trailer from swaying. The SwayPro™ will also conquer weight distribution at the same time, putting more weight on the towing vehicles front tires which increases steering control and braking giving you a safer and easier driving experience.
Includes Sway ControlWith Built-In Sway Control

TypeTrunnion Bar
Gross Trailer Weight (LB)8000 Pound
Gross Tongue Weight (LB)750 Pound
Color/ FinishBlack Powder Coated
Drop (IN)0 Inch
Rise (IN)10 Inch
Includes ShankYes
Includes BallmountYes
Includes BallNo
  • Open Head: The Open Head Design Provides Easy Access For Tightening The Hitch Ball
  • Rotating Latches Clear Obstacles That Are Mounted
  • The Powder Coat Finish Provides A Professional Appearance, Aids In Rust Prevention, And Prolongs The Life Of The Product
  • Grease Is Captured Inside The Bar Pivots. No Messy Bars To Deal With
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty