Kleinn HK2-1 Air Horn ProBlaster Dual Tone 2 Round Trumpet Black Kit

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 Dual truck horn, two all metal trumpets 16.75″ and 14.5″ in length, available in chrome or black XCR2.0 Stealth finish. Think fire truck or ambulance horn but LOUDER! The flat design allows for easy mounting behind the grille, in the engine compartment or on a frame rail. The kit includes a sealed 120 PSI air system with a 0.5 gallon air tank.
  • Dual truck air horn w/ 12v Solenoid
  • 120 PSI air compressor
  • 0.5 gallon air tank
  • Pressure switch (90 PSI on, 120 PSI off)
  • Drain valve, safety valve and outlet air fitting
  • 12 ft high pressure nylon air tubing
  • Horn button & Wiring Kit
  • Installation instructions