Lippert 2022113192 Flow Max™ RV Toilet - White Elongated Ceramic Bowl

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At just 31 lbs., the Flow Max RV toilet replacement is easy to install in your rig. It operates on a gravity flush system, so the toilet is easy to maintain. When flushed using the hands-free, intuitive foot pedal, this camper toilet delivers an around-the-rim, full-bowl cleaning experience. Additionally, the fully enclosed rim prevents spills to keep water and waste in the bowl where it belongs. The powerful flush that this toilet delivers doesn’t take away from its high efficiency. Using just one pint per flush, the RV toilet won’t waste water – a perfect sustainability solution for your RV.
Each flush of the Flow Max RV toilet provides full-bowl coverage, keeping your toilet fresh and clean. When it’s time for a deep clean, you can easily scrub it with a toilet brush and RV-safe chemicals.
  • RESIDENTIAL DESIGN — The Flow Max RV toilet features a full-size residential seat and an 18-inch standard profile seat height that’s perfect for the whole family. It even comes with an easy-close seat and lid, so you can drop them without worrying about wear and tear on the toilet bowl
  • HANDS-FREE OPERATION — With an intuitive foot pedal, this camper toilet can be flushed without using your hands, keeping your RV bathroom free of unnecessary germs. Simply press the foot pedal down halfway to add water to bowl and all the way to flush
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION — The 100% ceramic bowl gives this toilet a high-quality feel while making it durable and reliable year after year
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT — The Flow Max RV toilet delivers a powerful flush using a gravity flush system that won’t waste the water in your rig. Its highly efficient design only uses one pint of water per flush
  • MESS-FREE — The fully enclosed design of this RV camper toilet keeps water and waste inside the bowl. Each flush also delivers full-bowl coverage to keep it looking and smelling fresh
  • Item dimensions: 14-1/2" W x 22” L x 19-1/2" H
  • Item weight: 31 lbs.
  • Uses one pint of water per flush