Morryde Fifth Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1621Hd - 11,501 - 14,000 Gvwr

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   Introducing the MorRyde Fifth Wheel Pin Box. It is a revolutionary new product that redefines what RVers can expect from towing a 5th wheel.
  • Fifth wheel chucking is greatly reduced
  • Cushioned sensation when towing over all road conditions
  • Clunk free towing - no more start/stop harshness
  • Smooth, almost shock free towing in the driver and passenger seats

   Fifth wheel owners know about that harsh, jerky, chucking action that comes from towing a fifth wheel. They have come to accept it as a normal part of towing. Fifth wheel owners recognize that some roads will just wear you out from that jerking/chucking action.

   These uncomfortable aspects of towing are the result of longitudinal and lateral forces being transmitted from the trailer to the truck. They cause that troublesome chucking action you feel, especially on Interstate highways with expansion joints. They also contribute to the harshness and jerking you feel when going over railroad tracks or roads with that washboard effect. And, these forces cause that clunking feeling when you come to a stop and start up again.

   The Mor/ryde pin box system utilizes a unique rubber shear spring to positively deal with this rough, towing road shock. The rubber spring works in a horizontal planar motion (in a longitudinal and lateral motion) to absorb the towing shock. This allows the Mor/ryde pin box system to effectively diminish the transfer of forces from the trailer to the truck.
   The Mor/ryde pin box system can be installed on most fifth wheel trailers. Installation is bolt-on and typically takes about one hour.

Note: If you plan on using a gooseneck adapter with your MorRyde Pin Box, you Must use the adapter shown below. It replaces the bottom plate on your MorRyde Pin Box.

Measuring your Pin Box can ensure correct order fulfillment as sometimes mislabeled from the factory.

Limited 3 year warranty