Rieco Titan 21104 Stable Stix Truck Camper Stabilizer

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Set of two (2) stable stix and one (1) 10 ft. ratchet strap

Are you afraid of tipping over the camper while you are in bed and the camper is on the jacks?

Reduce the chance that your camper will tip over due to an incorrect or unstable positioning or high winds or overloading the overhang with Rieco Titan's new Stable Stix.

Truck campers sway as they sit on their jacks. It doesn't matter how big or heavy the camper is. Every single move you make causes a rolling effect. No-one wants to bring extra bottle jacks and blocks of wood for added stability. Where are you going to put all that stuff?

Other products force you to remove your camper from the truck in order to use their product. Not with Stable Stix. Rieco-Titan knows you don't always want to spend all that time backing in and out from underneath the camper. In minutes, even with the camper on the truck, you'll have a shake free night.

  • Strong steel tubing
  • Telescoping tubes allow for compact storage
  • Easy set up. Two minutes and you are done!
  • Adjust from 57" to 87". Adjusts in 3" increments.
  • Durable powder coat paint for a long, beautiful life
  • Proudly American built, here in the USA